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3 notes, one obvious the others not so much:

  1. When you smoke near others you are causing harm. Smoking is not only and individual issue.

  2. In countries where there is free health care, your unhealthy options have costs to others. A simple solution would be to include a tax on all problematic items. I see many advantages on this:
    a. extra sources for funding health
    b. you still have total freedom, but there is some pressure: a good balance between the 2 extremes.
    c. some highly caloric/low quality food is cheaper than good quality food. Taxing the first to, say, fund the second would be a away to equalize prices and remove the competitive advantage (price) that low quality food has (especially for low income individuals).

3. We still have lots of radical puritanism going around and nobody seems to notice: Think about being (not) able to go around naked in public spaces. People seem to spend to much time defending liberties of things that actually have a few problems and very little expanding the scope of liberties that have no cost (or very little). We still live in societies which see the human body as disgusting, and nobody seems to think that that is an important problem.

by t-------------- on Thu Nov 20th, 2008 at 03:21:00 PM EST

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