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DrMarketTrustee died 7 Nov 2008. He is my best friend. I love him better than I love myself. I don't enjoy being a "survivor." Who does? There were moments these past weeks when I envied him.

Barely a day went by that he did not remind me, somehow, CHF would kill him. At the same age as his father almost to the day. He was uncanny or incommensurate, Catholic or Jewish, that way. I mean in his attitude toward living as he willed rather than as others would will him. I wanted him to fight death with every centilla of his being. More important, I wanted him to enjoy it. I wanted to know that every day, every hour, every minute.


rg's essay reminds me how many and how few pleasures society --infinite other--  permits a body. Dressing continence in reasons. So many reasons minced and served from cradle to grave to induce perversity from jouissance in just one other ...

This made me laugh a little.

Law does not ignore the bed. Take, for example, the fine common law on which the practice of concubinage, which means to sleep together, is based. What I am going to do is begin with what remains veiled in law, namely, what we do in that bed -- squeeze each other tight (s'étreindre).. I begin with the limit, a limit with which one must indeed begin if one is to be serious, in other words, to establish the series of that which approaches it.

A word here to shed light on the relationship between law (droit) and jouissance. 'Usufruct' --that's a legal notion, isn't it?-- brings together in one word what I already mentioned in my seminar on ethics, namely, the difference between utility (l'utile) and jouissance. What purpose does utility serve? That has never been well defined owing to the prodigious respect speaking beings have, due to language, for means. 'Usufruct' means that you can enjoy (jouir de) your means, but must not waste them. When you have the usufruct of an inheritance, you can enjoy the inheritance (en jouir as long as you don't use up too much of it. That is clearly the essence of law -- to divide up, distribute, or reattribute everything that counts as jouissance.

What is jouissance? Here it amounts to no more than a negative instance (instance). Jouissance is what serves no purpose (ne sert à rien).

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Thu Nov 20th, 2008 at 06:52:03 PM EST
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