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Firstly, I must say I enjoyed your recent diary on computational simulation, given my own aesthetic and practical foundations of reasoning and despite my own limited, technical knowledge of computer programming to model complex physical laws ("truths").

Now, given your skepticism expresse therein, I must wonder why you accept the assumption ("costs") as if politically expediency and tyranny alone justified an expression of "costs" whose terms are either unknown or values indeterminant.

In countries where there is free health care, your unhealthy options have costs to others.

May we agree?: Cost is a financial metric, expenditure of currency; "Externality," or "spillover," is an economic metric, immeasurable, or not measured, consumption in financial terms, of a person, process, or thing ("asset") that contributes to money velocity (expenditures or profit (loss)). According to this ideology ("schema") being is simply put, that is foregoing various tenets of religous dogma, a social and societal asset. Being is a fundamental constituent of "society" and term in mathematical expressions of society (hohoho.pdf), a so-called national economy.

The "cost" of maintaining ("maintenance," a legal term therefore prosecutable fiduciary duty) one life of a "person" (human or tax entity) presupposes (1) life --not DEATH-- is an asset; (2) involuntary and voluntary applied mechanical processes and things that "capitalize" rents on life and death; (3) a person's desire to be.

Some persons do not desire to be. Some claim to renounce that desire, arguing before some tribunal --a "panel"-- either their fear of death or love of venality but never their pleasure ("addiction"). So society institutionalizes means to conserve and to exploit (dispense "incentives" to live, which is to train the living who "benefit" rather than the "dead man walking" who do not benefit) in dogmatic (financial or ecclesiastic) terms of being.

More bizarre, intellectually speaking, institutional agents in the US promote "full employment" among the living (another financial metric) as if BIRTH/DEATH rates of the LABOR FORCE --had no ratioinale or mathematical dependecy to obtaining real purchase power. Here no one imputes labor market conditions to profit sharing ("productivity").

Think about these ideological assumptions relate to voters' preferences in leadership.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun Nov 23rd, 2008 at 01:17:30 PM EST
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