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Thank you for another illuminating diary and summary of what needs to be done. Unfortunately; I haven't seen specific proposals for re regulation and which commissions or government organizations would make the regulations and I also have not seen specific programs with projected results from 'Keynesian' types of investing by the government and how it would work. I have seen lots of generalizations but until we see the details and what ways they could be implemented; its just polemics.

Just like the addicts always refusing rehab until they hit bottom; the collective 'we' are not ready to seriously reform our government and our own lifestyles until we realize we have no choice. Right now we have the same people in government and our financial institutions who are part of the problem and no impetus for real reform and introspection as to how we all can change.

Its still the philosophy of 'growth'(greed) for the top 5% who think the platitudes they speak of like social justice can be in parallel to their greed.

Our leaders will only respond when they realize their political survival is threatened by the vast majority of the people and being beholden to the special interests is no longer viable.

Unfortunately we are a long way from the amount of pain necessary to bring real permanent change.

by An American in London on Thu Feb 14th, 2008 at 11:23:58 AM EST

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