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?? It sounds like you're confusing Bosnia with Kosovo. Mitrovica is in Kosovo, in its northern part. Those are Kosovo Serbs. The Bosnian Serbs who want to secede are in Republika Srpska, in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

And if you're not confusing the two, even if there's a lot of anti-Serb violence in northern Kosovo, RS would just have to watch their border with Kosovo. I just can't see Kosovo Albanians invading Bosnia.... As far as I know, the claims for secession in RS are based more on just getting away, rather than any threats of violence from the Federation side. Have there even been any threats from the Federation? My understanding was that the tensions being reported in Bosnia now are more politicians hissing at each other than anything else.

Am I the only one who keeps thinking of Star Trek when discussing Bosnia?

by lychee on Sun Feb 17th, 2008 at 02:49:01 PM EST
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