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I don't think this is about Milo.  And it's not about forcing subservience, either.  All I ever hear from Serbia is whining that they can't screw around with all the people they used to screw around, about how nobody (except Russia) likes them or trusts them.
I've never seen anything resembling contrition coming out of Serbia.  Ten years is nothing when they can't understand or accept responsibility for the evil that came from their arrogance.
Russia's been using Serbia to cause trouble in the Balkans for a hundred years, and Serbia seems to still like the role.
If they want forgiveness they should say "sorry".  All I've ever heard is "why are you picking on me -- I didn't do anything wrong".  I'd have to be pretty gullible to believe that signifies a change in attitude.  Why would I want to trust someone who did unspeakable evil and has never expressed contrition or a desire to mature.  Wanting western money is not equivalent to wanting peace and harmony.
by Andhakari on Tue Feb 19th, 2008 at 07:28:46 AM EST
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