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Hmmm.  I'll read the article, but it is worth noting that the Monthly Review hasn't prided itself as a friend of NATO over the years.
The International Court of Justice didn't find Serbia guilty of genocide, only that it didn't do anything to prevent the genocide or to facilitate the punishment of war criminals.  I think they were giving Serbia a break.  And it appears that there is a move amongst some Europeans to forget it ever happened, or to fog the issue with contentions of equivalent wrong-doing.
Frankly, the whole region has more than its share of murder, revenge, and massacre, and there is plenty of blame to spread.  But let me get back to my point: Serbia has not been a responsible power.  It does not seem to accept responsibility for the crimes the ICJ found it guilty of.  Kosovo is not seeking to rule Serbia, it is seeking to be separate from a country which has not been a good steward.  If Serbia wants peace, all it has to do is nothing at all.
by Andhakari on Tue Feb 19th, 2008 at 11:44:03 AM EST
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