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And in conclusion I would expect that Kosovo will join Albania in the not too distant future. Yes, may Catalonia, Basque Land, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Brittany and I don't how many other places in Europe be free. And there are innumerable places seeking independence outside Europe. Angela Merkel's statement about the acceptance of Kosovo's independence gave me laughing cramps: the course of events can't be taken as a precedent for future nationalistic conflicts (paraphrase). You've just got to love her for turning the U.S. repugnants twisted justification for the Supreme Courts declaration of Mr. G.W. Bush president in 2000 to her own ends. How very clever of her: we ignore existing international law (Kosovo was part of Serbia, after all) but no one else can do so after us, unless, of course, they just happen to want to and can get away with it.
by Quentin on Mon Feb 18th, 2008 at 07:12:27 AM EST

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