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Moscow to Recognize Abkhazia's Independence - Kommersant Moscow
The response of Moscow to unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo and the future of self-proclaimed republics are highlights of Russia's mass media today.

The general forecast is that the Kremlin will attempt to play a precedent card. Moscow will hardly recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia de jure but may open representation offices in those two breakaway republics of Georgia, recognizing their independence de facto. The development of this scenario will depend on the world's attitude to Kosovo.

Another aftermath of Pristine's decision could be the escalation of clashes in the Balkans. Serbian police are yet able to contain local extremists willing to force their way to Mitrovitsa, where most of the residents are Serbs, and to fight the separatists there. The mere fact that the Serbian minority has asked Belgrade for help signals the situation will further aggravate in the region.

Not only Serbia but also the neighboring states are under the threat. The Albanian nationalists are also eyeing the land of Macedonia, willing to create the Great Albania with the capital in Skopje.

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