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If I understand correctly, an Assembly without the judiciary power to do so, under the control of Unmik, makes a proclamation of no national or international legal value, alleging independence. The so-called proclamation of independence is then formally recognized by Afghanistan while US State acknowledges the "independence" of Kosovo as a fact.

The proclamation is, of course, fairly conciliatory, based on the plan put together by the UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari that blueprinted a Western "independence with international supervision" of the EU. Considering that the whole Kosovo jig has been one big failure after another with a generous side dish of billions of euro disappearing into somewhere beyond our horizons, look forward to building other sham states. It will bring further prosperity to the very few, unnamed and unaccountable.

by de Gondi (publiobestia aaaatttthotmaildaughtusual) on Mon Feb 18th, 2008 at 10:19:43 AM EST

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