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Does your respect for life include respect to nature, to the beings living a suffering life in intoxicated environments, deprived habitats? How does your information approach work regarding vanishing species?
Of course. Actually vanishing species are a very important issue. One beetle isn't much different than any other beetle and if it dies not much is lost. But a whole category of beetles vanishing might well be worth to sacrifice one's life to rescue them.

I don't think happiness is the main goal of live and adoption is an option.
However, I think the condition less basic income (for the Germans, I think the variant of Althaus is quite acceptible) is a possebility to prevent exploitation as you describe in your link. It would give everybody 600 Euro plus health insurance without condition. If this is achievable in Germany it is as well achievable in the US, as both countries are similar rich.
In Germany actually I can't see runaway state debt. In the US it is due to military imperialism and because of special treatment of the very rich. I have read that investment banker in the US pay less tax the a middle income worker.

I read Paul Krugman's columns regularly and like most very much. He advocates free markets internationally, as this helps the poor. Internationally inequality is declining, 100s of millions of Asian, South American and African people could make it out of absolut poverty.
Domestically he favours more help for the poor than in the US, but in Germany he is an economic rightwinger. A week or two ago there was an interview with the Krugman in the FAZ (the most important conservative newspaper in Germany). He was asked, if he really wants the US becoming more like Germany. He said, he would like the US to go a quarter in the direction of Germany and then analyse ones more. So likely he would like to see Germany to go about half the way in the direction of the US.

Little translation American to German political coordiantes as I see it.

party     US                                 Germany     party
GOP       conservative                        economic fascist, social ultra conservative
Dems      liberal                             liberal       FDP  
          socialist (econ.), social mod-con.  conservative   CDU
          communist                           socialdemocrat SPD
         beyond imagination                   (Post/-)Kommunisten Die Linke
Greens    greens                              greens       greens

The difference between fascists and conservatives is, that fascists use the gov to enrich corporations, conservatives are critical to high gov influence.

The US is not conservative and has no small gov. If you add non-state health care expenditures to the state quote in the US, it is as big as in Germany. Just the US funnels its money to the military and into prisons, while Germany pays for welfare.

With the very poor choice of parties in the US I would vote green in the US.

Der Amerikaner ist die Orchidee unter den Menschen
Volker Pispers

by Martin (weiser.mensch(at)googlemail.com) on Tue Feb 19th, 2008 at 12:05:27 AM EST
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