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First it is about individual rights of the new human.

One thing I like to ask people who run this line of argument is whether they think I have a right to one of their kidneys if I have a total kidney failure?

If you outlaw abortions, you are saying that the embryo has a right to use a uterus. If we accept that line of reasoning - for which I guess there is a case to be made, even if I disagree with it - then by the same logic, I would argue that a terminally ill kidney patient - which is indisputably a human being worthy of protection - would have the right to one of the two kidneys a healthy person has.

And before you argue that the analogy breaks down because a kidney transplant is a more invasive procedure than birth, let me remind you that childbirth used to be one of the leading (non-violent) causes of death for women of reproductive age, and that even in impoverished third-world countries (perhaps especially in impoverished third-world countries) many people live out their entire adult lives lacking one of their kidneys. So it's not all that clear that a transplant is more invasive than a pregnancy at all.

Second the church support it and the church in general cares a lot about rights of people who have not the right to vote

I laugh so I don't cry. The Church has the most appalling human rights record of any current regime except maybe the Bushists and North Korea. I see no evidence that the 'rights of people' - voting age or not - play any role at all in their thinking.

If they cared about human rights, they would ask that the Spanish and Italian states revoked their legally privileged status, which is in direct contravention of freedom of religion. By way of contrast, recall the infantile temper tantrum Herr Ratzinger threw when Zapatero revoked the Church's (highly profitable) right to appoint religious studies teachers in Spanish schools without being subjected to any kind of government oversight.

Any talk about human rights that comes out of the Papacy is pure, self-serving propaganda.

Actually if all aborted babies in Germany would be born instead of being killed, we would have pretty much exactly the number of children which would make each generation the same size.

But that is a silly assumption for a number of reasons. I'll mention back-door abortion providers and infanticide and leave the rest of the reasons as an exercise for the reader.

- Jake

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by JakeS (JangoSierra 'at' gmail 'dot' com) on Thu Feb 21st, 2008 at 05:46:38 AM EST
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