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Education: Parents vs. "Lufthoheit über den Kinderbetten"

That was interesting. Until now, the only context I heard of "family" from conservatives was (to my ears empty) slogans, you offer a much more concrete view on why it is important to you.

I shall not enter into a detailed debate over it, just some general thoughts:

  • In my view, you have it upside down. Instead of stealing children from their parents, the leftist view ismore to end the exclusive or dominant authority of parents.

  • This view of the current leftist politician generation is probably strongly connected to the rebellion of the '68ers against their parents' authority. But even I, a generation younger and with liberal parents, think in the same frame: I do not wish upon children to be exposed to the exclusive authority (and potential indocrinating intent) of their parents. I really wonder how you at 25 do not have this 'remember of being a child' mentality.

  • Speaking of the Kinderkrippe = day nurseries, one thing you didn't mention is the parents', above all mothers' free (and work) time angle. Which, incidentally, could work towards parents waging more children.

  • I think that the system of day nurseries, kindergardens and whole-day elementary schools was one of the few things created by the communist dictatorships that worked to public satisfaction (well, apart from Romania). Here, much of it remained in place (but not all and not in the best shape), meaning parents were/are happy that there is this possibility. Meanwhile, note how the collapse of the East Bloc and switch to 'capitalism' was correlated with a drastic fall in children per women, including the much better subsidized post-Reunification East Germany.

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by DoDo on Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 at 05:39:16 PM EST

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