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I think you have not understood the argument. I'm purely for reasons of justice, not solidarity for tax rebates. Families with a certain life style pay more taxes than non-families. That's against the principle, that everybody should be taxed according to his capability to do so. Even the constitutional court ruled, that the tax examption is too low. If there is no money for it, taxes for singles (like me) and childless pairs have to be raised to regain a just system. There is a clear priciple, so it is not just always increasing tax rebates, but to do it until a well defined point is reached. As far as I know France has such a system, but I'm not completely sure.

The current situation is, that the CDU wants to increase direct payments, while at least at the beginning the SPD wanted to use the money for child nurseries. This is current politics. I have never said there should not be direct payments, I just don't see an accapted principle, which would define how high the payments should be exactly. Here as well the question of the general financial situation of the gov can play a role. The last year the situation was good and the parties want to spend some money for families and the question is what to do.

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