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That a people as feckless and weak as current Americans could revolt is a pretty ludicrous idea. Most Americans don't even vote. And when they do vote it's for "daddies" who will tell them what to do. Of which Obama is merely the latest iteration.
If Americans wanted change, they would change. It's easy for pols to get young people fired up about change. But that's because young people are always dissatisfied with their positions in a hierarchical culture.
I see many things that people could do every day that would substantially change things, but what I see people doing is continuing down the same path with the changes being only more and easier of the what's already here.
American politicians are a direct reflection of the American people. And if the pols are corrupt, venal, and stupid well so are the people that elected them.
If this seems a harsh judgement all I can say is come and live here for a while. You'll see.
by bil on Thu Feb 28th, 2008 at 09:47:34 AM EST

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