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#1. I agreed with you on this in the very diary. It was one of my central points. I wrote that no matter if Cyprus entered the EU or not, Greece would have still vetoed it if it were still occupying Cyprus. Frankly, I expect that a great many countries would have. The only argument used against Cyprus's entry is that they possess a veto against Turkey, a veto which Cyprus will not use if Turkey is no longer occupying the country. So that becomes a tautology there. Effectively, with Greece as a proxy for Turkey, Cyprus's admission just doesn't matter.

#2. Migeru explained below that the Acquis is already supposed to be in effect in the north. Furthermore, I can't see how Turkey would enter the EU without the Cyprus problem being solved, so a Turkey inside and a TRNC outside the EU could never exist. That being said, there is a small possibility that a Turkey inside and a TRNC inside could exist if Cyprus and the rest of the European nations agree to recognize it and allow the whole of Cyprus to represent two countries.

That would be a little like splitting off Kosovo...

Oh wait!

by Upstate NY on Tue Feb 26th, 2008 at 09:54:28 AM EST
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