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I think it was one of the Monty Python where a whole medieval town is in an uproar. A fair young fair lass everyone likes has been denounced as a witch, and vigorously pleads her innocense. But a witch is not a trifling business -- how to tell for certain if the lass is or is not a witch?

The village wiseman steps forward. "Tie her to a rock and throw her in the pond," he declares.

The crowd falls silent, perplexed. What to make of this test? "If she is a witch, she shall free herself with magic," the wiseman explains.

All the villagers nod in understanding. But someone speaks up from back in the crowd. "But what if she drowns?"

"Well, then," replies the wiseman, "we will have learned that she was an honest woman."

I would deal with Wolf and Munchau the same way.

by NBBooks on Tue Feb 26th, 2008 at 05:45:21 PM EST

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