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I'm about at the stage where I know that the 4s orbital fills prior to the 3d orbitals, and I am about at the point where I can make sense of larger molecule diagrams (not quite there, but closer than I was.)  (And all those transition elements filling in the d orbitals...that's my next area of focus)

(I have a feeling I'll be asking for one of those 3D molecule kits for my next birthday (or maybe buy myself one prior) as three dimensionality is one of the keys (for me, in understanding--that these molecules have height, depth, and breadth--that the extend outwards in various directions based on the electrical charges--120 degrees, tetrahedrons--hey, I had to sit down and ponder the beastie with four sides, all of which were triangles)...

So I've moved ahead, but I realised that this issue of plus and minus was getting in the way.  From your other post I'm thinking that I can relate it to a number line

(You know all this of course, but I like the way you can catch my mistakes so...)


I can imagine (this could be my model) that positive and negative are at opposite ends such that electrons are at the negative (-) end, and the protons are at the positive (+) end, and they're...tugging towards each other (trying to reach their beloved zero point of no charge and so no more crazy attractions) such that 'negative' means: 'towards the electron end' and 'positive' means 'towards the proton end' and so a gain in electrons means a movement towards the electron (-) end, while a loss of electrons means a movement towards the proton (+) end, and thusly positive and negative and gain and loss come together again--at least in my head!

Does that sound about right?

Will it help if I tell you the kind of music I like

Just a few disjointed adjectives are fine--ya know...just some flavours, no need to use too many words (ah, the joys of music!  Oh, no naming names!  You might love a band and I hold some bizarre prejudice against them because my best friend's sister once went out with the bass player and it all finished badly...etc.)  My experience is that most musical fields will have something comparable so I can go and hunt up some examples and see how they match.

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