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so a gain in electrons means a movement towards the electron (-) end, while a loss of electrons means a movement towards the proton (+) end

Yeah that works.

And you may still be jumping ahead with the s,p,d,f orbital stuff unless you have grasped ionic and covalent bonding through use of the Bohr model (circles of shells around the atoms).  But the cool thing about the s,p... orbitals is that they have shapes and this then leads to understanding the shapes of molecules and it is where lone pairs come in too.


You can use plasticine and chopped up straws until you get a modelling kit.

I don't think I know how to describe music in adjectives yet.  Sometimes ambient stuff for chilling out to when the mood suits, I like the way the music can focus me or just be a background.

And other times I like the energy that music gives me.  Sometimes I like stuff to get my teeth into. Not massively into classical by itself. Too much very high pitch hurts. bass that makes my heart beat to follow is good. or when music seems to have some humour to it. Now I am going.

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I'll post something next week for ya!

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.
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