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Great comment, thanks!

If the words are not so good - too bad, everyone is stuck with them.

Ah!  You have felt my pain.

this would still be true if you went through the whole of physics and swapped the negative and positive signs around.

I read an example where they used green and red balls--precisely to remove the associations with the words "positive" and "negative", but then the red balls and the green balls did different things (the red balls clumped together and the green balls flew around them, I think), so there was some essential difference between a red ball and a green ball; you could change the colours but that difference was still there.  I'm looking for a model where I can assign some concept to "red ball" (apart from redness) such that the behaviour of the red ball can be (at least partly) anticipated by my associating my model...."Those red balls are like...diamonds, hard to the touch and expensive; those green balls are like....cars; always around and needing roads...."

Creative types view the world through their feelings, and feeling is a moral process. So if they're excited about something - that's good. It's positive! If they're not excited about it - and feeling negative - that's bad.

Scientific types just describe what happens. There's no moral imperative, and while they do excited about things, getting excited - or not - isn't the main point of the exercise. The main point is describing what happens accurately, precisely, and reliably.

Would the two words "qualitative" and "quantitative" apply here?  I mean, I can do both but I need the "qualitative" so that I can keep my "quantitative"...in some human context...I can see a synthesis whereby the scientific description (accurate, precise, reliable) can only be brought into human action (lives....I dunno ....into the realm of human....something) when effective models are in place for us to relate the numbers to something less abstract (as is happening at the moment--for me--with the great discussions here and across the internet about economics); and vice versa those that can simply feel something need to be able to turn these feelings into something quantitative so that one person's experience can be spread out across humans (human society...something like that.)

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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