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Do you actually see positive and negative in some particular way, or does it all depend on the particular relationships?  I get confused when numbers appear around a chemical element (I'm easily confused!)

But all the numbers have something in common: I can add and subtract them, so 6 protons + 1 proton = 7 protons (=nitrogen); 6 - 5 = 4 protons (=boron) etc.

I'd like (maybe it's impossible!) to have a similar way to think about positive and negative, some correlation that I can then apply when I stare at something like:

and those plus and minus symbols mean something to me beyond "the lithium ion has one less electron and the fluorine ion has one more electron"

I mean, maybe there's no single model I can hold onto, and I'm wondering if people (such as yer good self) have some model in mind (e.g.--and this is just to show  what I mean by model i.e. a shorthand--"Ah, well, positive is lighter and negative is heavier"

Sommat like that.

And thanks for the support!  

I have often wondered though how it would be to have those associations hard wired elsewhere to then try to absorb the concepts and language of chemistry later in life.

That's where I'm at!

(OT, in your recent diary: have I got it right, that you can hear all those strange youtube videos I post?  So you're in a similar position but swap Chemistry for Music?)

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