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Ack. Semirings. Yet another bunch of algebras I didn't know about (as such). Now you've made me curious:
  • "A lot of quantum mechanics" omits what?
  • An "arbitrary rig", not non-negative reals? (Is this all about counting states, not describing them or their transitions?)
  • Do you intend that "a lot of graph theory and statistical mechanics and is also quantum mechanics in a Rig" be read as saying that "a lot of graph theory...is also quantum mechanics"?
  • Are complex numbers uniquely necessary for quantum mechanics, or just a convenience?
  • Why do I keep reading about so many mathematical structures that I can't remotely claim to understand?
  • How can anyone (other than a Republican) still support the Clinton candidacy?
I see that Baez has (of course) touched on some of the earlier questions in this list.

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by technopolitical on Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 at 03:12:24 PM EST
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