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I have tomato and roasted pepper soup. i will answer bit by bit.

First off, when you think negative or positive think negative CHARGE, positive CHARGE. Charge.  Associate the word charge as a concrete property as something quantitative. You can measure charge.

always associate an electron as -
An electron is negative. Think electron think the symbol -  minus. electron. minus. -

reduction. electrons are minus.  more electrons, more minus, more negative. think of numbers. say 2. add a minus. 1. add another minus. 0.  You have reduced the number. add a minus, add an electron, reduction.
(gain electrons, reduce the charge = reduction)

oxidation is just the opposite of reduction. Learn reduction and you can work out oxidation. lose an electron, lose a minus therefore gain a plus.

All of this hinges on the movement of electrons. You are following the electrons. Where they go, they take a minus with them, leaving a plus behind them.

Get this out of your head now,

"The positive is comfortable, it has enough, it can afford to lose an electron or two.  The negative is always after a bit more, it wants to grab an extra electron or two (or even three) if it can."

It is the wrong way around. postive attracts negative. positive is missing electrons and needs electrons to balance itself out. negative has extra electrons and will give them away to balance itself out.

The balance of positive charge and negative charge is neutral, no charge.

Assume you started with a neutral. if you have an ion that is positive, +, it is missing an electron, -.
cations, positive, missing electrons. The minus (electron) went somewhere else and left a plus behind.

if you have an ion that is negative, it has extra electrons, -
anions, negative, has extra electrons

I will do another post to answer more questions.

by In Wales (inwales aaat eurotrib.com) on Fri Mar 14th, 2008 at 09:50:11 AM EST
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