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After reading a bit on the web, I assumed that you had invented this stuff at a time when you were incredibly young, but gotten no credit. The sufferings of genius.

  • "'A lot of quantum mechanics' omits squaring the result to get a probability." Fair enough, but with a chemical mindset in this diary, one would miss having wavefunctions and amplitudes. On the other hand, given the vast amount of quantum mechanics, I suppose that omitting lot leaves a lot that is not omitted. Just not the sort of QM that I crunch on this machine.

  • "There are more Rigs than just the nonnegative reals..." Indeed, and some of them are, well, cheesy. (To speak non-technically for a moment.) At the bottom of the barrel, "The simplest example of a semiring which is not a ring is the commutative semiring B formed by the two-element Boolean algebra," and nearby are other lame Rigs mentioned in Wikipedia

  • "Where do you keep reading..."? TWF, of course, for starters!

  • "No, I intend to say..." What you say is, I expect, entirely correct and, in principle, enlightening.

Re. your e-mail: Did you get my response? After the conversation I promised, she suggested considering citizen sector options, and minimizing the gap, on strategic/marketing grounds.

Words and ideas I offer here may be used freely and without attribution.
by technopolitical on Tue Mar 25th, 2008 at 02:46:22 AM EST
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