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I recently read this:

China Matters: Black Days for the Dalai Lama

Black Days for the Dalai Lama ...courtesy of the Tibetan People's Uprising Movement

Amidst the horrific violence of the last few days, somebody's been working overtime to marginalize the Dalai Lama and undercut him as the leader of the worldwide Tibetan movement.

Not just the Chinese.

I'm talking to you, Tsewang Rigzin.

Tibetan unrest in China is not just a problem for the PRC. It's a major problem for the Tibetan emigre movement, which is threatening to fissure because of conflicts between moderates and militants.

And from it (as I understood it) the short answer would be that the protests on the ground is local and not that associated with either part of the exile movements.

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that, as usual.

Did you notice something in the first photo? The "English Wine" sign?


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