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The only real course of action we can to help settle this is to chop her head off and dissect her brain to see what happened.

I didn't get from what she said that she'd had any problem with her corpus collosum--that intrigued me simply because I'd never heard of it before (me learn slow!)--and I'd never seen how separate the two hemispheres are--I thought there was a thin membrane between the two halves across which passed information--that was my model, rather than what I (think I) saw: two separate organs joined by a bridge (like having two kidneys sort of thing--if they were communicating via a cross-connection.)

Certainly if I were a reseacher and could contact her I'd ask if we could run some tests where she could (if I've read her right, of which I'm not sure)--flip hemisphere approach (I'm assuming that she doesn't switch one off and the other on; rather, she can access data predominantly with the 'all together' right side or with the 'me and everything else' left side.)  So she should be able to score differently on the same test, maybe in three ways: more right brain, more left brain, balanced central point--I mean, if she has a meta-position she can call "I" which exists somehow beyond the left-I and the right-I, then that super-I should be able to jink around with the tests in such a way to demonstrate....that fact...

All I know about her is the video, so if anyone knows more--please post!

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by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 at 08:06:48 AM EST
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