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Very briefly:

  1. A year or two ago
  2. We were at the Vondelpark, we'd watched a heron and pondered whether it was actually made of wood (it didn't move) only to decide that it was made of wood and then notice that it wasn't there any more (it had flown away--duh!  Moral: herons can stand very still.)  We (three of us) walked to the small pond at the very top centre of the park, lay on the grass and watched the herons sunning themselves.  It was calm, we were three old friends and....the yack yack in my head just slowed down and stopped.  Ah.....  There was nothing extra to say add or do, and rather than falling into some dreamy interior monologue with pictures I was present in the world, it was there and I was there but the yack yack had fallen away.
  3. Because I/we had taken psilocybin (in the form of cubensis mushrooms)--is my guess.  At the time I thought it was because we were, thanks to the psilocybin, "together in the moment" so we were all three happy to be there and so the usual conversational binding techniques (?) were not necessary.

Reading Jill Bolte Taylor's account, though, I recognised the phenomenon (maybe wrongly!  Very hard to be objective about subjective experiences!): it's very particular because something has definitely stopped--

Talking of things stopping, it's a classic that when one is on psychotropics (including marijuana) that there's a loss of the sense of time.  You can feel that hours have passed, look at the clock and--only twenty minutes?!  Alex had some great comments about this in this diary:

Alex in Toulouse:

LSD is indeed quite strange, I don't know if I've mentioned this here before but I have beaten time back with LSD (when I was younger). For instance, I was at a friends' flat on campus, they were working on some essay so I was bored. I took LSD. Then a few hours later, I was having some pretty wacky time dilation experiences, so I asked them to check their watch before I left the flat. I then left the flat, stopped at the campus bar and chatted with people there, then went in the campus basement to play at getting scared (you know those long corridors with pipes that you get in some horror movies), then went back to my friend's flat ... and only a pair of minutes had passed on the watch. After consultation, I had indeed been at the bar and had had those conversations with people who attested to that effect.

So what happened? There is no way that I could do all that I did in two minutes, nor that I could have bent the laws of physics.

But I'd never heard another person talk about the shutting off of the (what I'll call the) "ego voice"--until I watched this video, which is why I ask if anyone else here has had this experience--certainly I'd imagine Sven has had some contact with such.  (Just a guess of course!)

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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