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passed some marijuana around.  It was part of the lesson, but he did not really explain.  

Normally, each drummer has a part, and the parts interact--interlocking like gears, so to speak.  It goes pretty fast, and you learn to anticipate the other drummers--you know when they are going to strike their drums before they do it--and you anticipate yourself as well.  It all goes pretty fast, and when the rhythm is going well, it is a seamless flow.  Like water, as the expression has it.  

On marijuana it was a little different.  Striking a note in my pattern, I wait for the other drummers' responses.  They take a long time.  Now it is my turn again, time to play my next note.  A huge expanse of time opens up.  When am I supposed to play my note?  Somewhere in this huge expanse of time.  But WHERE?  How will I figure out?--It is all so formless!  Finally I decide to play my note:  I am not sure why.  It is really just a guess, but it seems about right.  I play my note, and watch and wait for the response.  It comes, and I realize that I was not terribly far off.  Now it is my turn again, and this huge expanse of time opens up . . .

Contrast:  This was totally different from his advice to play three beers behind the audience.  If the crowd has had six beers, you should have three.  Too few and you won't be in rapport with them, too many and you won't play well.  

In a different context, I would compute my relativistic motion.  Special Relativity:  You compare your own (internal) clock to the exterior clock, and simple (hyperbolic trig) equations (t/t' = cosh[theta]; v = tanh[theta]) give you your putative relativistic velocity.  Impressive "speeds"--several tenths the speed of light, sometimes more.  ;)

The analogy would go further:  During the following space-out, the twin paradox would break (resolve) and one would discover that it was oneself who had done the accelerating.   Hardly aging at all, one finds it is already the middle of the next day on planet Earth--they have aged and moved on.  

So is time "built in?"  I think so.  Is it a given, and absolute?  I have my doubts.  

The Fates are kind.

by Gaianne on Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 at 02:00:08 PM EST
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