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The first thing that came to mind when I read this was my personal experience with lucid dreaming. I've always had a rich dream life and got interested in lucid dreaming in the seventies. There was a manual out about supposed Senoi dream culture (and a badly reasoned article by Crick on why dreams should be forgotten.)

I began writing and drawing dreams every morning but it peaked with writing after each dream session. A problem I quickly encountered in writing down dreams was to differentiate "actors" within the dream as well as the dream "watcher" who could float in and out of "points of view" or "actors." By systematically writing dreams, dreaming became far richer, and lucid dreaming was fairly constant- whatever "lucid" means. I presume it means the capacity to reason within the dream and alter the dream's course at "will."

Basically "lucid" dreaming has a "watcher" who can be passive or active while other dream activity is going on.

This can spill over into the wakened state as a possibility to observe one's own thought processes or actions. I guess it's some sort of meta-thought process, such as being able to observe and then recall a sequence of thoughts and what other stimuli may have entruded during that given time span. In a certain way it reflects on the limits of language as a means of codifying sensations, the structural linearity of thought-in-tongue. Yet thinking in words at the same time has a rich latitude of meanings and associations that seem to glimmer on the surface without gaining significance in a conscious context. Dreaming on the contrary appears to exploit language's fertile ambiguities.

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