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This is why I've been studying the brain for the last 5 years.  The damn thing is just weirdly interesting.  And the more I learn the more I know what I, and we, don't know.

As far as Left/Right hemisphere split goes, much of it is overstated.  The hemispheres are more 'unified' than split.  See Hemispheric Asymmetry by Joseph B. Hellige, Harvard U Press, ISBN 0-674-38730-9

As to the other, well, look -- neurons don't "know" anything.  They get a signal and if it is the right signal, at the right time, for the right duration, under the right circumstance, they pass it on.  If any of these are wrong, then it isn't passed on.  Damage to the corpus collosum, by definition, means something isn't right.  Either the neuron(s) are getting the Right Stuff and not passing it on when they should or they are getting the Wrong Stuff and passing it on when they shouldn't.  

The Mind arises from the brain somehow -- and nobody but nobody knows how that happens.  What we do know is a damaged brain usually causes a dysfunction in the Mind.  A dysfunction is not necessarily 'bad.'  It may be a significant change for the 'better.'  Yet this dysfunction must be viewed skeptically, especially when claims are made subjectively or purely by anecdotal evidence, the worst kind.  We have to be hard-nosed precisely BECAUSE we know so little.  

A corollary of this is, because we know so little these reports shouldn't be immediately dismissed, either.  


The only real course of action we can to help settle this is to chop her head off and dissect her brain to see what happened.  Since killing people to cut them up is contraindicated by Moral Philosophers (the sissies) fMRI investigations might show something.  There are a thundering herd of Personality Tests available from the psych crowd but unless she took one, or more, before the stroke we lack a baseline to compare against post-stroke.


She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

by ATinNM on Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 at 02:28:01 AM EST

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