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You're right about what would have happened to the Slavs, though I doubt you're correct about the Brits. They were higher up on the racial hierarchy and the Germans weren't interested in settlement in Western Europe anyways.

 I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say the US military industrial complex funded Hitler. First of all it didn't really exist at the time - US military spending was tiny until they began building up at the end of the thirties. The mil-ind complex that we know and love today only really came into being with Korea and the onset of the permanent large scale military that came with the Cold War. Secondly, even if you mean industry in general, you're wrong.  They had no problem trading with Nazi Germany, but that's about it. And if you're talking about the US subsidiaries in Germany, the only real alternative would have been to just write them off since Nazi Germany had pretty strict restrictions on repatriating profits.  Now, if you want to argue that they funded Weimar, you'd have more of a point - loans to Germany funded its huge current account deficit and allowed them to pay reparations to France and Britain which let them pay off loans to the US which then went back to Germany. This was conscious policy on the part of the US and its business elites. Plus there was large scale direct investment. But the whole game began breaking down in the late twenties and the Depression killed it off.

As far as German industry goes, it is true that they were quite happy to work with Hitler, but even there the Nazis were a second choice. They would have preferred a standard issue conservative dictatorship, which is why they tended to support the DNVP before 1933. When it became clear that they needed his popular appeal,they (and the also very powerful agricultural lobby and the military and civil service elites) still thought they would be able to control him. They were wrong. Hitler did clamp down on the anti-capitalist wing of the NSDAP in 1934, but in return he got to run the show with the old elites in a very much subordinate position. They got to make tons of money and not deal with those pesky unions and voters, in return they did what they were told.

by MarekNYC on Sat Apr 26th, 2008 at 02:38:31 AM EST
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