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I'm going to suggest that whereas the Planet of the Apes soundtrack was very much subdued by the dialogue (it was the trailer, though), in your two clips--waking up in a huge graveyard! -- the music (wonderful mix of soundtrack and film effects [the bark of the dog]) gives a very particular feel to the images...

which the music does in Planet of the Apes--though I think in Planet of the Apes more was lost by the concentration on the...not the visuals, it was the narrative-over-the-top....


Ignore the images in the next piece, just the music--

the theme, the sax, the crescendo....

It says at wikipedia that "The cartoon character created for the opening credits of the movie by Friz Freleng was animated in time to the tune."  Whereas my ears say (maybe erroneously!) that Morricone's theme was written while watching the scene....backwards forwards...

I could be wrong!  It's a way of looking at it....that some put the music to the pictures, while others put the pictures to the music--

an intriguing mix.  In each case to produce a new thing--the pictures with music--where each element is complementary to the other.

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by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Thu May 1st, 2008 at 07:49:50 PM EST
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