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here's some background on the lawyer quoted as follows:

Mr Borovoy believes that minorities' push for equality, which he supports, has led to a neglect of traditional freedoms.

"Other interests have for the time being trumped the free-speech values and I'm hoping that with some of these cases we might be able to turn the tide," he says.

this is his background:

But, then, how should we get at, say, hate-mongers?

``Go after them in the political arena. Raise hell about what they say. Force them to apologize. Distinguish between those who have standing and those who don't. I didn't think (Ernst) Zundel was worth the effort but (Jim) Keegstra was when he was a mayor and a teacher. But once he was decertified as a teacher and ousted as mayor, there was no point in prosecuting him, and he should have been allowed to wallow in the obscurity he so richly deserved . . .

``We should not censor those making racist statements but censure them. Create an inhospitable climate for their racist invective.''

so, a more moderated approach on the application of hate laws, but still in favour of them in certain contexts

by zoe on Mon Apr 7th, 2008 at 08:22:39 AM EST

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