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But apparently composing without a predefined structure and method was too frightening, too much of a challenge and not nearly serious enough.

i think it was more the desire to encode a protocol that all could centre around and then elaborate, like the difference between tossing a ball around and playing cricket.

an agreement that all use a point of reference to jam off of.


before we made these agreements, we probably did a much more random kind of thing, not serious maybe, and as for frightening...lol!

i guess you had to be there...

i get that you're probably referring to the illusion of safety one opts for by 'following the rules', rather than some kind of rawer anarchic approach.

but one is free to do that, the benefit of having rules is that they create some form to the culture, which then bathes children as they grow, and can draw its power to be so very evocative, resonating with ancient memories, maybe back to the dna level.

this helps explain why foreign music takes much longer to get the average head around.

i love the dalai lama's dictum ' learn the rules, so that you learn how to break them correctly', and i think music shows it to be true, tho' it goes even further.

of course the notion of what's correct sets off a whole other relativism, lol.. where do these agreements come from? how long do they last historically?

my guess is music and its rules are a self-emerging process, embedded within us, but dependent on synergy between local materials and regional sounds of flora and fauna to imitate, to flower.

i also think that western music is attracting more new listeners in asia than vice versa, but i could be wrong. same with s. america, or russia.

same with wine and sake or tequila or vodka...

it would be droll if aliens arrived and played music that was actually earthier than what most people have on their ipods here.

cause a lot of what people enjoy on earth sounds pretty alien to me!

except jimi, natch...

the blues and jazz habit of smudging notes, messing with the microtones, makes music come full circle for me, it knows the rules, there is a tonal 'homepage', but you can sally off where it gets lawless.

how far you go, and how long you stay, is the challenge presented by minds and hearts and nervous systems who haven't heard the rules broken so intelligently (or charmingly, another Great Indefinite!) before, and can only stand so much of what tilts over into chaos for them, and the fruit starts to fly, or beer bottles if you're in tornado country.

took me a long time to get coltrane for that reason...

fascinating series, rg!

when i get broadband, i'm gonna take a whole weekend and play all those youtubes, man what a treat, like waiting for xmas!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Wed May 14th, 2008 at 06:54:25 AM EST
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