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before we made these agreements, we probably did a much more random kind of thing, not serious maybe, and as for frightening...lol!

Back in the day, composers would write "Cadenza", which means "Make the next bit up as you like"--an improvisation section, found in a piano concerto, say.  So the beginning of Beethoven's 5th Piano concerto starts with cadenzas--that Beethoven wrote out!  "Hey, that's the solo--now play it."

I was told that Bach was in the habit of writing out ornaments (trills and such) in full, whereas most composers left it to the musicians how to embellish--the sign was an idea not a list of specific notes.

So, piano concertos as rock gigs, with built in solo moments--and then the solo parts slowly get filled in (the composer might write in a few bars with the idea that the player can improvise around that structure etc.)

And--hey--listening to the whole series--!  I think most diaries take about an hour (or so) to listen to.  I really do think they make a lot less sense without the music--a lot of the comments following videos are coming out of the various sound worlds presented by the preceding video (well, that's my idea, whether it works...heh!)--in this diary, I felt the Sor piece played by Segovia said everything--once the context had been set for minor-major with the intro and the Radiohead piece--

So--let's hope you get broadband soon!

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