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In most of these cases there is one primary motive: LET MY GUYS GET THEIR HANDS ON THIS MONEY! Even if "their guys" only pocket 3% of the money and effectively flush the remainder that is o.k.---so long as the blow up doesn't come for a few years.  So think the cleptocrats in the USA and, evidently, in Europe.

In the US this is always presented in the context of "Social Security is Doomed," with the sub-text "we have always said this was a very bad idea and won't work. See, we are right."  Meanwhile, they raise withholding for Social Security to levels that would be sufficient, but use the additional revenue to finance deficits.  In eight years Clinton reduced the deficit so as to better enable the government to handle the coming surge in demand from the baby boomers.  Didn't take W long to reverse that. Then they blame "government" for their own cleptomania.  "See, even when you raise withholding there is still not enough."  (There never will be so long as Social Security obligations are taken "off budget." So we might as well cut taxes on the wealthy. Getting the money (back) from the rich is of course, "Class Warfare."

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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