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yup, great appreciation from this quarter, too.

i get a great kick out of knowing i'm on the same planet as you rg, as your unique mind beavers away at linking concepts and thoughts that are out on the edge of languagability.

ye have a real gift for tripping the light fantastic with your quirky prose too.

back in the 80's i got into the lucid dreaming thing, and followed one of the suggestions, which was to imagine a small blue flame in your throat chakra, during the last few minutes of consciousness the night before.

of course one wonders about suggestibility, however i did experience - and remember - some very poignant dreams, whereas usually i sleep deep and dreamlessly.

i never got to the more advanced stages of operating your own dream machine and controlling its every aspect, as some claim to be able to do, but i get a nice feeling knowing that i can tap deeper into my subconscious that way, if i feel a need to.

some dreams were so compelling, i had to write them down immediately, and their symbols sometimes only became meaningful some years later.

getting a brain machine was very interesting. this involves some shades with blinking red lights and headphones. you could run music through it too, tho' i preferred not to, as i listen to music analytically, and the rhythms were out of synch with the 'beep-beep' machine, as we affectionately named the little white plastic box.

 with beat detection software having come so far since then it would be cool to have the beeps synch in with the music, but in some ways it clouds the issue, as without music you feel the emotional component to be more simple, without the emotions of the composer in the mix, so to speak.

anyway, this box would start off in phase, then break into a slightly asynchronised stereo, each ear/eye information source independent galloping along, in parallel, but out of phase.

so one half of the brain is observing one groove, the other, the other.

then about 5 minutes before the end they'd go into phase and crescendo, which was almost orgasmic, and produced lots of 3rd eye activity, a real energy rush as the hemispheres 'come together'.

there were different programs ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. popping them on for less than 15 minutes wasn't enough to get you 'entrained', and 2 hours was much more than enough, most of the time.

i gave it to friends to try, and their eyes would change afterwards, giving them a more level look.

there were 'brain salons' popping up in big cities where harried folk would go in for a quick pick-me-up sessions over their lunch breaks, but it never really took off more than that.

they did it with rhythm, but i think something similar happens melodically, when listening to an orchestra, especially actively.

for example, if i concentrate on discerning the bass line and try to isolate it in my mind to hear as much nuance as possible, it's interesting which other parts of the sound spectrum swim to the surface, trying to bring the equilibrium back.

the better i isolate the bass, the better the female vocal or flute parts sail through.

this makes listening to music a very interactive experience for me, as choosing different timbres or frequencies to focus on, completely transforms how i hear the piece as a whole...

kinda hard to explain, sorry if it's cornfusing.

anyways, rg, this is the great Terra Incognita, and it's a fun privilege to have you guiding us so deep into it.


'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Thu May 29th, 2008 at 10:45:18 AM EST

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