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Webb has voted for more surveillance, benchmarks, funding the troops without demanding they are brought out of Iraq--but all the bills have kinks in them, wasn't there a 180 day sunset clause on the phone-tapping bill?  I think that means after 180 days it expires unless there is another vote to renew it--or did that already happen?

I have difficulty playing purist on Senate votes.  It is a game on so many levels--"looking good/looking bad" just for starters.  It is like football in the rain--you can't play without getting dirty. I agree with budr's  comments about him being difficult to categorize.   I agree with Drew's view that he shouldn't be the V.P. candidate.  In my view is the combination of his populist views, principles and  character I find both fascinating and appealing.  I certainly wouldn't discount the likelyhood of personal growth on his views regarding some social issues Drew and others have found problematic.  

I take a tan too readily to be a true red neck in the original sense, but I grew up in Oklahoma in the 50's surrounded by racist and reactionary views.  I used to say that Oklahoma was a good place to be from. Upon retiring to Arkansas, from whence both of my paternal grandparents came, I was pleasantly surprised at the attitudes of so many Arkansans.  It is at least a purple state, if not blue.  Only one federal or state office is currently held by a republican.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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