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Remember Dan Rather?  He was a buldog on Bush's National Guard "Service."  So some "retired Air Force Colonel" "forged" an exact copy of a document that clearly showed his utter contempt for his obligations, right down to using paper from the era, an IBM  Selectric with the same ball, provided signatures indistinguishable from the original, "aged" the document and leaked it to CBS.   Rather bit and ran with the document, using it in an on air piece.  Then, in an act of stunningly evil genius, (KR?), the fact that it was forged was announced to the world and the White House, in high dudgeon, demanded that CBS apologize and discipline Rather. It ain't for nuthin they call him Turdblossom.

Under Paeley CBS might have fought back.  Under the accountants they caved, in the process betraying a legacy going back to Edward R. Murrow's coverage of Europe before the US entered WW II. I won't watch Katie Curic.  She should have stayed on the morning show.  But then the accountants didn't know there would be any demand for "real news."  They are just selling Viagra.

But I do think that Webb would take their shit and pump it back up their own asses.  Further, if it is a battle of angry white men, he might give McCain a stroke.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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