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She has an amazing range!  I hadn't heard her before you posted those first clips in earlier diaries, such a great voice.  I mentioned it to a friend, "Hey!  I heard Dead Can Dance, the singer--"  "Lisa Gerrard, yes.  Excellent voice."

I wanted to place the following piece in the consonance/dissonance diary, but I couldn't find the right place.  I think you'll like it--it's Purcell, who, the more I hear, the more I like.  (3:18)

The reason I post it here is that the tone (somewhat!) reminds me of the Lisa Gerrard piece, also in the 'soprano' tone--where the voice is deep, but there's an overtone or a sense of how high the voice can go--and there are passages when it rises high--the dynamics of the human voice.

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