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The Codecision procedure (article 251 of the EC Treaty) covers:
  • development of "nondiscrimination on grounds of nationality" (Article 12) or "sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation" (Article 13)
  • development of "freedom of movement" (Article 18) "freedom to work" (Article 40 and Social Security provisions under Article 42), "freedom of Establishment" (Articles 43-47)
  • some of the development of visas, asylum and immigration policy.
  • common transport policy (Article 71)
  • harmonization of national law for for the internal market (Article 95)
  • cross-border cooperation on employment (Article 129) - not including harmonization of laws
  • customs cooperation (Article 135)
  • protection of workers whose contract is terminated, collective bargaining, employment of 3rd-party nationals (Article 137)
  • gender equality in employment (Article 141) including equal pay
  • "European Social Fund" (Article 148)
  • Incentives for quality of education (Article 149) and vocational training (Article 150), excluding legal harmonization
  • cultural policy (Article 151) also without legal harmonization
  • health protection (Article 152)
  • "measures which support, supplement and monitor the" consumer protection "policy pursued by the Member States" (Article 153)
  • "trans-European networks in the areas of transport, telecommunications and energy infra-
structures" (Article 156)
  • Industrial competitiveness (Article 157)
  • Actions additional to the "Structural Funds" for "Social Cohesion" (Article 159)
  • Regional Development Fund (Article 162)
  • Research Framework Programme (Article 166) and additional actions on research (Article 172)
  • Environment policy (Article 175)
  • Development Cooperation (Article 179)
  • European-level political parties (Article 191)
  • Freedom of Information (Article 255)
  • Fraud prevention (Article 280)
  • Production of Statistics (Article 285)
  • Data protection (Article 286)
  • International treaties (Article 300)

Note that in all of these codecision areas it's either the council or the commission that has initiative.

Here's one thing that could be demanded (for [something1] in the diary)
MOVEMENT OF PERSONS": Article 67 autorizes the Council to place "all or parts of the areas covered by this title" under the codecision procedure

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