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This writer is a poor devil. And the thoughts of a poor devil can only be convex. Concave thoughts are like a well, shallow or very deep, whose concave form is plainly visible. And "vision" (cf Spanish ver, to see) is the the meaning of the Indo-European root from which "to know" (Sp saber) and indeed the very word "idea" come. In fact, the Greek verb εἴδω [eído] (= "see", "know") and the word εἶδος / εἰδέα, ἰδέα [eídos / eidéa, idéa] (= "form", "idea"), both from a former *Fεῖδ [ie *weid-] are the same root as the Latin uideo [wídeo](see) and the Sanskrit vedas ( cf "verity, veracious": "The Vedas"). To perceive concavity, it is necessary to watch and, when you look, you see something, and when something is seen, you "know" something. Concave thoughts thus offer some knowledge to anyone who "looks" and "sees".

But looking at what is convex only gives you a pain in the neck, if it is too big, and it is only good for perching on top of something, if it is small. And the thoughts of a poor devil are convex. As I am a reasonable poor devil, my thoughts are convex and tiny: they are only good for sitting on top of themselves.

And why I am a poor devil? Because, when I was a student, I was obviously chained to learning, and when I finished studying, I thought of nothing other than dedicating myself to teaching. Can there be there greater proof of someone's qualifying as "a poor devil," than that he should devote himself to such a chore after completing an Elementary Bachelor cum laude, a Higher Bachelor cum laude, a Pre-college cum laude, a Master cum laude, and a Ph.D. cum laude? And what's more, after working to live and study since I was ten years old. And also knowing what is coming in education. I say this so my present and ongoing anger may be understood. As the father of my children and as a spiritual father of my students.

by afew (afew(a in a circle)eurotrib_dot_com) on Fri Jun 20th, 2008 at 03:23:45 AM EST
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