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EP Rules of Procedure:
Rule 45  : Own-initiative reports

  1.    A committee intending to draw up a report and to submit a motion for a resolution to Parliament on a subject within its competence on which neither a consultation nor a request for an opinion has been referred to it pursuant to Rule 179(1) may do so only with the authorisation of the Conference of Presidents. Where such authorisation is withheld the reason must always be stated.
    The Conference of Presidents shall take a decision on requests for authorisation to draw up reports submitted pursuant to paragraph 1 on the basis of implementing provisions which it shall itself lay down. If a committee's competence to draw up a report for which it has requested authorisation is challenged, the Conference of Presidents shall take a decision within six weeks on the basis of a recommendation from the Conference of Committee Chairmen, or, if no such recommendation is forthcoming, from its chairman. If the Conference of Presidents fails to take a decision within that period, the recommendation shall be declared to have been approved.

  2.    The provisions of this Rule shall apply mutatis mutandis in cases where the Treaties attribute the right of initiative to Parliament.
    In such cases, the Conference of Presidents shall take a decision within two months.
So, an own-initiative report will result in a motion for a resolution.
Rule 113  : Motions for resolutions

  1.    Any Member may table a motion for a resolution on a matter falling within the sphere of activities of the European Union.
    The motion may not comprise more than 200 words.

  2.    The committee responsible shall decide what procedure is to be adopted.
    It may combine the motion for a resolution with other motions for resolutions or reports.
    It may adopt an opinion, which may take the form of a letter.
    It may decide to draw up a report pursuant to Rule 45.

  3.    The authors of a motion for a resolution shall be informed of the decisions of the committee and the Conference of Presidents.

  4.    The report shall contain the text of the motion for a resolution.

  5.    Opinions in the form of a letter addressed to other institutions of the European Union shall be forwarded by the President.

  6.    The author or authors of a motion for a resolution tabled pursuant to Rule 103(2), 108(5) or 115(2) shall be entitled to withdraw it before the final vote.

  7.    A motion for a resolution tabled pursuant to paragraph 1 may be withdrawn by its author, authors or first signatory before the committee responsible has decided, pursuant to paragraph 2, to draw up a report on it.
    Once the motion has been thus taken over by the committee, only the committee shall be empowered to withdraw it up until the opening of the final vote.

  8.    A motion for a resolution withdrawn may be taken over and retabled immediately by a group, a committee or the same number of Members who are entitled to table it.
    Committees have a duty to ensure that motions for resolutions tabled pursuant to this Rule which meet the requirements laid down are followed up and duly referred to in documents produced as a result.

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