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On a serious note, if this topic interests you, come see how blackhawk and I duke it out over "managed democracy" and how blackhawk wins.  Kinda. Ish.

I stopped following your blog far too soon.  Glad you gave me a second look.  I think you at least gave as good as you got and I learned a great deal about Medvedev and contemporary Russia.  

The last academic course I took in Russian History was in 1965, so since then I have relied mostly on media and didn't have a reliable calibration on my B.S. detector.  I have long held that elected representative government is something that must evolve organically over time in each society and is not some reductionist fantasy of a simple formula that can be applied, cookie cutter style.  Same for economic systems.  

Given that serfdom was only abolished by Alexander II, the Russians have come a long way in a short time.  Comparable evolution in the English speaking world could be considered to have started with the Tudors.  For the USA, a lot of the blood spilled along the way was shed in England in the 17th century. There is very little "democracy" in the workplace here, and the structure and conduct of our economy is such a sick joke that I cannot imagine how anyone can feel triumphant about that.  Most just buy the corporate PR without even realizing it.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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