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It is, as Norman O. Brown noted, Life against Death.  It would seem that the authoritarians have forgotten that in their central myth, Jesus is resurrected after making a loving sacrifice of his own life.  All they can do is crucify, in imitation of the Romans.  They love order and obedience, not people.  Their actions are the very antithesis of the teachings of Jesus, whom they claim to follow.  I wish I could believe in the second coming.  If you liked Jesus driving the money changers out of the Temple, you would love to have seen Jesus come to the Vatican, especially in the first quarter of the 20th century.

Of circumstances similar to those you describe the poet Victor Jara wrote: (I have no tilla, so I spell out the second "n.")

From Plegaria A Un Labrador

y mira a la montanna
de donde viene el viento, el sol y el aqua
Tu que manejas el curso de los rios
Tu que has sembrado el vuelo de tu alma

Y mirate los manos
Parace crecer estrechala tu hermano
Juntos iremos unidos en la sangre
Hoy es el tiempo que puede ser mannanna
Y mirate las manos para crecer
estrechela tu hermano
Juntos iremos unidos en la sangre
Ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerto, Amen.

It is the only piece of Spanish poetry I have ever memorized.  I learned it from a transfixing performance by Judy Collins on her Bread and Roses album.  I always associate it with the terrible events in Santiago surrounding the overthrow of Allende by Pinochet, instigated and supported by Nixon and Kissinger. Many of the best of the artistic and intellectual community of Chile died in the stadium at the hands of the military.  

Family friends fortuitously escaped with their lives. I cannot help but feel that the blood of those victims is always on my hands.  The same authoritarian crushing of life as in Spain under Franco and, as you have shown, earlier.  Franco and Pinochet are the true heroes and role models for G.W. Bush & Co., I think.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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