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In 1990, I was a 21 year old in Africa. My father was ambassador, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to hang around some interesting people. During one dinner party organized by my father, at which the German ambassador was invited, the discussion got lively by the time desert was finished (and a couple of bottles had disappeared). The German ambassador was questioning my father on the Belgrade's repressive policies in Kosovo (where at the time, if you recall, the BND was arming and training KLA terrorists). After having exhausted his arguments defending Yugoslav policies in the area my father asked His Excellency: "What do you Germans want in Yugoslavia?". The response, in 1990, was chilling: "8 independent republics..." he said "and if the Serbs don't acquiesce, they'll suffer".

So, was Karadzic a mastermind of evil? Or was he answering violence with violence? As I said in my posts above, you're a freedom-fighter, a resistant, a hero if you win & a tyrant, a terrorist and a blood thirsty killer if you lose.

by vladimir on Fri Jul 25th, 2008 at 03:42:07 PM EST
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