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I don't know if and when it was planed but it looks only logical. After the fall of USSR the new world order started to take place. As we all know all other Eastern Europeans were now put gently in NATO's lap. It was expected from Yugoslavia too. But there was a problem with Milosevic. It still is a puzzle for me what was it that Milosevic expected to make in lousy situation we were in. There was no Russia (it was on its knees with Yelcin on his drunken back) and he even wrongly supported Yelcin's enemies. So nothing to expect from Russia and he was still "pocking Empire in its eye" systematically. Man was a disaster for unfortunate Serbia. It's only natural that westerners did what they did...armed and financed rebellion against Milosevic. Empire (with western vassals) always did that around the globe when ever they had a problem with "dictators" that wouldn't surrender to it's "policy". They are doing it as we speak. The thing is because it was a European matter Europeans were deeply involved in it. Especially Germany and especially in Croatia. Who do you think "privatized" (bought) everything valuable in Croatia?  Talking about reward...But I don't think that ex YU was that much interesting as a market at the time...it was geo-strategically issue. Who's military bases will be on the ground. And we now know who they are. What do you think ex YU would look like now if Milosevic choose to give a free ride to Empire (NATO)?

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by vbo on Fri Jul 25th, 2008 at 10:27:31 PM EST
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