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and i think it is correct

Listening to the declarations of Russian politicians concerning the attack on Georgia, I realized that Russia had never attacked anybody in the service of its own interests. No, Russia only takes up arms to serve others.

Most point to Afghanistan as Soviet aggression but I remember studying this and the situation was the the Afghan Socialist PM screwed up internal politics, by having his equivalent of the KGB harass and arrest local Imams.

I also seem to remember, in the SSR stans, the Soviets let Islam be, as long as it was not official and much like Orthodoxy, almost a lesson learned from the rulers of the 240 years of Mongol rule.

Then the PM messed up and begged the Politburo for intervention, which took three months to decide.

If that is actually the case and has merit, then I cannot think of an act of aggression since Peter the Great.  Although, I am very hazy on my mid-18th century Caucaus history at the moment, that may prove me wrong.

"Schiller sprach zu Goethe, Steck in dem Arsch die Flöte! Goethe sagte zu Schiller, Mein Arsch ist kein Triller!"

by Jeffersonian Democrat (rzg6f@virginia.edu) on Wed Aug 13th, 2008 at 02:15:04 PM EST

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