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I'll try to reassure you somewhat Helen.

"Seriously, you have no idea about property prices in the south east of england."

Actually, I do. It is indeed very expensive. But I am aware of that.

"You can't afford to buy (unless you're combined wages are north of £100k."

Well, they are. But we're definetely not buying.

"As for renting, hmmm, how does a £1000/month for average to poor grab you ?"

Oh, I know it's awfully expensive. But then my company will give me an extra that pretty much pays the rent (€2800 per month) for moving. And my wife will most probably get a significant raise for the transfer, if not quite as much.

"don't htink that moving out of london and commuting will help, unless you're preared to commute ridiculous distances that would require a TGV to make bearable (did I mention we have 3rd world transport infrastructure?)"

I know it's pretty bad and indeed we'll make do with a small flat -just as now.

"Please don't have children while you're here. It's not just that our health service is overloaded and underfunded, putting your wife's life in actual danger unless sensibly returns to France, but you child will have to be educated in some of the worst schools in Western europe (and getting worse - Cameron has just announced that he intends to copy the US school system lock stock and barrel)."

Ah, that's interesting to know. OK, we are planning on having children while we are there. Not that they'd be very old when we'd leave, since they are as of now unconceived. I'll make a note about the delivery though. But I'm surprised: life expectancy is slightly higher in the UK than in France. So if there were so many deaths in labour, how could that be?

Anyway, I was rather keen on having some of my career abroad without being determined. But Mouna is determined, plus it would be very good for her background (actuary), as the UK is far more advanced in that field than we are apparently. So a few years in the UK would be good.
I would have chosen Somerset if I could have, but with my company, it wouldn't make sense. So London it will have to be. Then we'll return as soon as Sarkozy is kicked out ;-)

As for the "french thing of every corner having a marvel to enjoy ", we rarely go to the restaurant. I cook myself. We get much better wine that way, and after cooking classes, if presentation may not always be top notch, the taste tends to be worth a decent restaurant. Though I'll miss having a market close to home for sure.

It's not the best of times though. I know. But when we tried 4 years ago it couldn't happen. I don't think she'd swallow giving up without trying. Plus I'll get to play cricket again.
If it makes you feel better, while we are away, we'll buy my parents' flat in Paris when they leave it. So we'll have something to make us come back. And a big place to invite you when you feel like coming.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed. Gandhi

by Cyrille (cyrillev domain yahoo.fr) on Sun Sep 28th, 2008 at 09:28:53 AM EST
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