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Before selling, or renting, a complete inspection of the property is necessary, including a in-depth analysis of neighborhood, climate, ease of access, ancillary considerations, noise levels, and repairs/upgrades to the flat.  To be complete this study should be taken in the flat during all weather conditions (heat/cooling problems) and during the different seasons (solar heating?).  

The ATinNM Residence Inspection and Analysis (ARIA) Company has been established for the purpose of conducting these, and other, services for you, the sucker Our Customer.

For the low price of €500, our team of experts will live in the flat and conduct extensive testing while in residence.  After one year a market, suitability, replace/repair, and Livability (and MORE!) report will be written in suitable jibberish passing all human understanding delivered directly to your mailing address.  This report will allow you, the sucker Our Customer, to contemplate your purposeless existence in a Post-Modernist World, devoid of objective meaning.

So don't delay!
Call Today!


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by ATinNM on Sun Sep 28th, 2008 at 12:08:32 PM EST
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